Asset and Portfolio Analysis

A well-thought-out property strategy

From a capital investment perspective, it is no longer enough to simply own or manage a property portfolio. You can only achieve optimum performance through active management based on a well-thought-out property strategy. We can assist you in this context with our asset and portfolio analysis service, which looks at the entire property cycle from purchase through to a successful exit.

Owners of property portfolios today face a range of problems. Their primary concerns include excessive costs, declining rental income, and often the reduced functionality of older properties. The reason for this is often the condition of the buildings themselves, but also a work environment that constantly makes new demands.

This presents both a challenge and an opportunity: In the absence of a purposeful strategy and a precise plan, failure is virtually guaranteed in advance. In terms of the measures required, market participants naturally prefer balanced solution strategies. In addition to profitability, the prerequisites for these include conformity with the balance sheet and the income statement. A comprehensive approach needs to be taken to the problem, but lean projects are also required. Both the outcome and the process to achieve it should be economical, ecological, and functional.

Crucial roles are played in all of this, firstly by questions relating to life cycle costs, and secondly by the value of the property. What is the current state of these two variables and how will they develop in the future? What form will these trends take based on a range of assumptions? What economic impact will each of these involve? And finally, which optimization measures will produce an effective improvement in the initial situation, and which will not?

Against the background of this complex starting point, there is a need for solid, professional strategies tailored to the individual needs of the particular portfolio owner. One important reason for this is that most properties are tenanted by users who wish to go about their day-to-day business without interruption.