Construction Site Development

Ecological and Economic Consulting

What are the features of the building of the future? The answer sounds simple enough: It focuses on people and the environment. However, this throws up a number of requirements that are quite not so simple to implementSuch a building needs to be networked, self-sufficient, flexible, made of recyclable materials, healthy, energy-efficient and carbon-neutral. But in the end, the decisive factor is that these features have a positive impact on the overall economic balance sheet for the properties.

With our Life Cycle Engineering service, we analyze and assess properties and their uses with regard to economic, technical, and environment-related factors, and use our findings to develop profitable optimization strategies. Technical and Economic Construction consulting helps guarantee that you get what you expected – on schedule and within budget.

In the interest of energy management, we filter out the areas that offer the greatest potential savings in industrial facilities and commercial buildings, and apply optimization measures there. During Construction Site Development we also ensure data transparency and low costs in subsequent years with our Energy Management System (EMS).

In the case of Sustainability Consulting, we show you how to use targeted measures in production processes to reduce both energy consumption and CO2 emissions, while at the same time cutting your manufacturing costs. And with our unique approach, we create transparency in dealing with resources – all the way through to feeding the materials into a recycling process.

For Green Building Certification, our Construction Site Development experts decide on the appropriate Green Building Label and review the costs, risks and opportunities associated with the project. They support the certification process, and are authorized to certify buildings in accordance with all the established systems.

Construction Site Development Service elements and service modules

  • Brownfield and site development

  • Securing planning permission

  • Finding investors

  • Marketing and sales support

  • Public relations and public consultations