General Technical Planning

Zayad Capital has everything covered

At Zayad Capital, we cover all the engineering skills relating to planning and consulting in-house. These range from façade engineering, energy design, building services engineering, building physics and building ecology, through to structural engineering and facility management during the planning phase. By pooling all these competencies, we can provide you with integrated solutions to any issues that arise. We call this General Technical Planning.

If you want to build for the future now, you need to plan in a sustainable and ecological way. Economical and environmentally friendly building operation that is acceptable to the user is only possible if façades and construction are designed in a way that conserves resources, and are also perfectly coordinated with the indoor climate and energy concept.

Our innovative building shells reduce energy requirements to a minimum and, like the building structure, are made from resource-efficient materials. A building technology approach that focuses on economic and sustainability criteria, with user-friendly indoor climate systems, and featuring renewable energy generation wherever possible, constitutes a future-oriented general concept that meets both architectural and economic requirements.

We can also advise you on healthy building materials, product systems, and on trendsetting unique solutions for the interior and exterior of your building, and match these to your architectural preferences.

A well-coordinated team of engineers from all sectors takes on the planning, using sophisticated, BIM-compliant planning tools. It can provide you with interface-free solutions over all the planning phases, including invitation to tender and property surveillance through to arranging the building’s commissioning. It handles all coordination tasks for the different trades, and integrates facility management issues into the planning and execution phases.

Service elements and service modules

  • Facade Engineering

  • Energy Design

  • Building Services Engineering

  • Building Physics, Building Ecology

  • Structural Engineering

  • Facility Management (FM) during the planning and construction processes

  • Circular Engineering

  • Green Building Certification

  • Smart Building