Integrated Construction Management

Meeting the principal’s requirements professionally and economically

With Integrated Construction Management from , our experts meet the principal’s requirements professionally and economically. They also focus on achieving a high-quality realization of the architect’s design standards. In this context, the skills of the site managers in terms of construction design services (KGR 300 / KGR = cost group), building services engineering (KGR 400), and landscaping (KGR 500) complement each other perfectly.

To begin with, the performance specifications are drawn up (KGR 300, 500) or reviewed (KGR 400), and coordinated with the available costing. Next, the specialists evaluate the offers and prepare award proposals.

By participating in the award negotiations, we help the principal and the Project Management team to select the best bidders.

Once the contracts have been awarded, the next step is property surveillance, generally for the structural engineering and engineering trades, and for the outdoor facilities.

On completion of the project, a professional commissioning management process is carried out. This has already been designed during the planning and construction stage and comprises the phases of commissioning, acceptance, and handover.

In tandem with this, a team records any execution defects and monitors the correction of faults for all trades hence Integrated Construction Management.

Integrated Construction Management Service elements and service modules

  • Plan Verification

  • Invitations to tender for KGR 300 and 500

  • Review of the KGR 400 performance specifications

  • Assistance with the contract awards for KGR 300- 500

  • Property Surveillance KGR 300, 400 and 500

  • Commissioning Management (Commissioning, Acceptance, Handover)

  • Defect Controlling