Portfolio Optimization, Regeneration

A comprehensive, independent assessment of your possible courses of action from a single source

In times of increasing cost pressures, with a shortage of real estate offers, an increasing focus is being placed on established properties. We can make the best of your property, and ensure that your existing building will be able to meet the requirements for the working and living environments of the future.

We analyze all aspects of the property, starting with an inventory of technology, fitout and façade elements. This allows us to determine the maintenance requirements for the building. Based on this, we can then clarify its potential and develop innovative solutions to exploit that potential. In this context, you receive support from our engineering experts in the form of cost-optimized indoor climate concepts, along with RBSGROUP concepts for improved use of space and a modern design. We also examine external influences, e.g. current development plans, regulations for historic buildings, copyright regulations, ownership structure and building code issues – regarding fire protection, for example.

From this, we then develop scenarios that we investigate for their suitability for implementation. Next, we assess different execution models in a sensitivity analysis, and draw up a transparent ranking.

Our teams consider different execution concepts (e.g. whether or not execution is possible while maintaining full operation), investment costs, operating costs, logistics, and schedule implementation. The scenarios are incorporated into economic feasibility studies, which also examine market value considerations and various financing instruments (e.g. full leasing, sale and lease back, as well as financing with own funds, or with borrowed funds). We summarize all of this information in the form of easily understandable, transparent decision templates. 

And the concept does not remain static during implementation. As part of the general technical planning process, we plan every detail of the activities, and apply our professional project management skills to ensure the successful realization of your project. In the case of established properties that are owner-occupied, we accompany the entire change management process through to relocation. If the property is to be leased, we provide support with leasing activities such as show floors, groundwork for leasing activities in the form of visualizations, building performance specifications, etc.

Service elements and service modules

  • Inventory

  • 360° Analysis

  • Building Strategy

  • Profitability Analysis

  • Feasibility Study

  • System Planning

  • General Technical Planning

  • Project Management

  • ­Assistance with Leasing and Marketing

  • Change Management, Relocation Management