Our interdisciplinary team provides extensive and industry-specific know-how across sectors.

Sectors We Play In


For many years, Zayad Capital has been supporting the automotive industry – including nearly all major automobile manufacturers and suppliers – with their construction projects worldwide. Zayad Capital maintains a local presence to provide a combination of German engineering with in-depth local knowledge.


Zayad Capital supports clients from the initial idea and requirements planning through to implementation and operation. Whatever the services offered – whether 360° analysis, assessment of profitability, user needs analysis, sustainability consultancy, funding guidelines for educational institutions, design of learning environments, master planning, or interim and relocation management – they are always tailored to our clients’ needs.


Our interdisciplinary team provides extensive and industry-specific know-how in the operational, economic, technical and planning aspects of hospitality projects. Our service portfolio goes all the way from real estate and site research, detailed site and market analyses, plausibility checks and project management to highly developed concepts for the transition-, implementation- and operation-phase of the project.


Zayad Capital’s healthcare experts work together in interdisciplinary teams comprising architects, doctors and engineers to achieve customized solutions. The consulting service covers all phases of the life cycle of a clinic – from strategic consulting on clinical processes and the development of a medical concept, to planning, implementation and operation. Clinics of all sizes can rely on efficient and transparent projects that secure their long-term economic future.


Our team will help you overcome the challenge of avoiding simply being driven by digitization, and instead become drivers of disruptive change and of asserting themselves in areas such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Autonomous Driving, Smart Services, Industry 4.0, Customized Smart Buildings, Smart City, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Cyber Security, Internet of Things (IoT), and Industry IIoT.

Life Sciences

Our special life sciences project consulting service puts projects on the right track from the beginning, for example, by establishing optimal qualification concepts within the context of feasibility studies. In addition, our Management service offers integrated management for construction, commissioning and compliance.


We help you choose a strategic location and elaborate a conceptual design for your intralogistics system. We also manage the construction or remodeling of the building for you. Planning, construction and facility management issues are closely intertwined, with the focus on energy optimization.

Public Sector

Zayad Capital supports the public sector, its administration and operations both by providing professional management services for construction projects as well as consulting services from the initial idea through to realization and management. In doing so, our professionals employ their engineering expertise, while also taking economic aspects and social change into account and closely involving the relevant agencies, political bodies and the general public in their activities.

Property Companies

Real estate is our core business too. We can say not only what has to be done and what it will cost, but why. We know how real estate companies can fully exploit the potential of their real estate and their portfolio. We provide them with integrated advice as equal partners, keeping an eye on the entire life cycle of a property. Whether working out the investment profile or the portfolio strategy, optimizing established buildings, buying or selling, engaging in revitalization projects, or developing established or new buildings – with our construction and real estate industry expertise, we bring properties and portfolios into the profit zone.