Smart Building Solutions 2020: Platforms Create Additional Added Value

A new edition of the Smart Building Solutions symposium – Zayad Capital will organize the expert conference together with the RWTH Aachen University’s research institution FIR Institute for Industrial Management. The event takes place in the Smart Logistics Cluster of the university campus on September 15 and 16, 2020. One main focus will be on platforms which can intelligently link planning, construction and user data.

Builders, developers, investors and experts will provide concrete best-practice examples in lectures and interactive workshops to demonstrate wireless and digital solutions for smart buildings and neighborhoods. The symposium will be supplemented by the participation of successful startups from the PropTech industry and established software companies, which will present their innovative ideas in the accompanying exhibitors’ forum.

Co-hosts of the symposium are Zayad Capital and the FIR Institute for Industrial Management of the RWTH Aachen University. FIR’s research activities concentrate on business organization, information logistics and business IT. At a practical level, the institute works on smart maintenance and commercial smart buildings.

The Smart Logistics Cluster is the ideal venue because of its subject focus. Here, over 500 people from the fields of Economics and Science carry out research into solutions for the networking of goods and information in a digital world. Objective of the cluster is to design agile corporate processes and structures that allow enterprises to adapt quickly to the changing demands and effects of the market.